Child Support Fresh Start

Governor Richardson’s “Fresh Start” Arrears Management Program for child support cases is here. This is your opportunity to get a real fresh start with your obligations to your children!

You might be eligible to renegotiate your past due amounts to a dollar figure that is more manageable in exchange for a lump sum payment or more reliable payments to the custodial parent. Together, we can have that fresh start by looking at the specifics of your case and getting it to a point that is more manageable, or where you can pay it off earlier.

To be eligible for the “Fresh Start” Arrears Management Program, your child support case must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. All dependents are emancipated, or
  2. The most current order is solely for collection of arrears (CSED is not collecting ongoing child support), or
  3. The parties have reconciled and are cohabitating, or
  4. The NCP must pay at least a three months lump sum payment (ongoing child support plus payment toward arrears) or must have met his/her last three months obligation (ongoing child support payment plus payment towards arrears). (Involuntary payments, i.e. tax intercepts, FIDM, bond payments do not count toward the monthly obligation or lump sum requirement.)

If the case meets one of the above criteria, the case must also have over $1,000.00 of arrears assigned to the State of New Mexico.


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